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Author and Photographer; PJE

I wanted to build a defensive weapon, that would be a heavy hitter with a dual configuration. It would have the ability to go from short range target acquisition, to acquiring a long range target with the throw a few levers in a minimal amount of time. In a crisis or emergency, time can be a critical factor.

Before making my decision, I had done a lot of research on my options. I had read several articles on the .233 and found it lacked the knock down and penetrating power I required, though it is a good CQB and medium range round. The 6.5 and 6.8 both looked impressive, but I wanted the availability of ammunition, in a defensive or emergency situation that can make all the difference, don’t you think? So I decided to go with the 7.62x51mm or .308 cal., a proven round for both hunting and defense, as well as short range and distance, a definite heavy hitter.

Picking out the rifle to go with in the vast market of AR manufacturers, and companies who just build them, wasn’t easy, it took some researching to decide on the company.

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