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Bobro Low-Rider BUIS, That's Nice!

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Bobro Low-Rider BUIS, That's Nice! was created by jtallen83

Finally came up with a set of Bobro Low-Rider BUIS and got them installed and zeroed. Pretty slick work, well made with a nice finish and featherweight to boot. They sit a hair over .2 inch above the rail when stowed and are virtually snag free. They don't lock up or down just use a detent to snap in place, very easy to flip them up or down, with only a hinge on one side it may be a good thing they do not have a lock as this way they can fold instead of bend when they get banged on. Zeroing was real easy, front sight uses a chunk of plastic you stick on the post and turn, no clicks or stops. Once you have it where you want there is a set screw that locks it in place. The rear windage uses a hex key to adjust, again no clicks just a turn on the screw and it glides over. Then another set screw locks it in place. The window is midway in size between the normal long and short range peeps. I was a bit concerned about the sight picture but turned out I really liked it, found it easy to naturally center the post. For me they worked a lot like pistol sights, the rear was a bit blurry and the front post nice and crisp. Their low profile is wasted on the present rig but I have plans for a much larger scope on this rifle that should just clear them.
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