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Anguebrge replied to the topic 'Scope for AR 10' in the forum. 3 months ago

I'll suggest you to do reseach here before choosing any scope. There have alot of option for different purpose, like for hunitng Vortex Diamondback DBK-04-BDC 4-12x40 is a great choice and ATN X-Sight II Day/Night Vision for night use.
Now choice is yours.


13braker created a new topic ' Scope for AR 10' in the forum. 3 months ago

Can someone direct me towards a scope for an AR10? This is something I know little about. My shooting would be limited to 100 yards. Possibly 200, I would like variable focus, maybe finger turrets at around 300$. I have looked at Vortex crossfire and Nikon P308. Any suggestions would help.


ukrich69 created a new topic ' Gen 1 Super SASS Handguard' in the forum. 4 months ago

Hello to the forum, new member here!
I am completing a build of a Gen 1. Super SASS and am looking for the quad rail hand-guard. This is the last piece to the build and wanted to reach out for any help.



The Wizard replied to the topic 'AR10 uppers different calibers' in the forum. 5 months ago

I kinda sorta understand your reasoning but putting a 5.56 upper on a AR-10 lower would run into dimensional problems.


admiral1960 created a new topic ' AR10 uppers different calibers' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hi all,

New to the forum.

I have an Armalite AR10 .308.

Do they make an upper for the AR10 in .223 / 5.56 ?

thanks for a response !!


EricwHill created a new topic ' The Best Bullets For Long Rang Shooting' in the forum. 6 months ago

I am looking for long rang shooting ammo? What are the best bullets for long range shooting like deer hunting?


Phrede created a new topic ' Hi from the newbie' in the forum. 6 months ago

I'm trying to figure out the details on a new to me rifle. It is marked AR-10T with S/N starting with US. I was told a SASS from 2008. It looks brand new. Has a Nikon M-308 scope.

Does a SASS have any markings or ? where I can confirm it. Should I be concerned about part availability considering a AR-10B and stories about the "New" Armalite company?

The magazines look to be Gen II with a square notch. They are steel, not waffle. Armalite proprietary, right?

I'm just a bit unclear with what I'm reading with Gen I/ II magazines and the Gen I/II rifles and then the B vs A with the B being first but is labeled with a T. By the way. mine is AR-10T not AR-10(T) like what is shown in the example pics I've seen. Who came up with these IDs or am I misunderstand things?

Anything you can share is appreciated. Thanks, see 'ya around.


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EricwHill created a new topic ' New Forum Member' in the forum. 7 months ago

Hello. Glad to join this forum. I am big fan of hunting & shooting with my 9mm.


fordfan2004 thanked mlotziii in topic Armalite parts 9 months ago
mlotziii thanked fordfan2004 in topic Armalite parts 9 months ago
mlotziii replied to the topic 'Armalite parts' in the forum. 9 months ago

Sounds like you picked up a really great assortment of items. The forum is not nearly as active as it used to be but it is still one of the top search results for AR-10.

Back in the day before Strategic Armory Corp acquired ArmaLite they participated in the forum. Once everyone we knew there moved on and some ill timed server outages this place has never been the same.

I recommend just posting a few pics of what you have and either an email address or use the site's messaging system to communicate with people who are interested.



JT68114 has a new avatar. 10 months ago
c.askren replied to the topic 'Bushmaster BAR-10' in the forum. 10 months ago

love mine. bought flat top upper, bcg, tro rail from rra.


fordfan2004 created a new topic ' Armalite parts' in the forum. 10 months ago

Stumbled across a guy selling B series Mags at an Illinois gun show who said he had tubs of other parts from the Geneseo Armalite location. Follow up call proved to be worthwhile. After viewing a couple tubs contents he said make a pile andd he would give me a good price. I made a cash offer for all the tubs and he accepted. Some parts are cosmetic blems, or need refinished etc. Ther 10+ ar10 barrels, 16 B uppers and hundreds of internal parts, in the white, finished and out of spec parts. What is a good outlet for this stuff? Any help appreciated.


mlotziii replied to the topic 'New Member' in the forum. 12 months ago

And a spammer :(

And banned


mlotziii replied to the topic 'Ammo Out of Stock' in the forum. 12 months ago

Great question! I think it has to do with the demand for ammo. I have a friend that goes to Cabelas on morning that they are restocking ammo. He buys whatever he can use that gets stocked on the shelf. There are some people who get there hours before him and wait for the store to open.


Henryluc created a new topic ' Ammo Out of Stock' in the forum. 12 months ago

Ammo is getting out of stock very fast. Is this the effect of the Russian Ammo ban?


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