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Putting together an AR308 in a .243 caliber.

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Putting together an AR308 in a .243 caliber. was created by MrMarty51

I have been wanting to build an AR10 in the .243 cal for a long time now.
I was watching the upper receiver assemblies with the .243 stainless barrel in the midway usa site and finally dropped the bucks for one, this is where it get interesting. LOL
I milled a Ceratac lower receiver a while back, got in the upper from Midway aaaand, it dont fit. I contacted Ceratac and got one of their upper receivers stripped, it got here last Friday.
So I am now in the process of disassembling the ARStoner upper receiver and converting the components over to the Ceratac upper.
I did not realize how many tools it is going to take, instructions is calling for vice block, there also is some sort of a shaft that fits into the chamber locking lugs and an assortment of other tools.
I am wondering if the vice block and all the other tools is really necessary, I know I can get the barrel nut removed okay but, I do not want to destroy any components getting it all shifted to the Ceratac upper.
Anyone have any hints or suggestions ?
Things is moving fast now.
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