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FLIR scout PS24

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FLIR scout PS24 was created by foxhunter

I thought some of you might find a riview of my latest toy. The scout ps24 is a thermal imaging monocular, hand held, 1x with rechargeable battery that is good for 5 hrs continuous use, rated for up to 350 yd. For night hunting I use a 3x gen 3 night vision scope mounted on an AR, but found it heavy and difficult to continuously scan for game due to the wt. Also, the night vision scope under certain conditions didn't give my old eyes enough contrast to pick out game, especially if they were stationary and partially obscured by brush or leaves.
The FLIR ps24 is a nice complement to this system as it is light, hand held and can be adjusted to show heated objects as white, black or red. At night I found displaying the warmer objects as black made it easier to see them. In early evening, water, leaves with still have some retained heat and make it difficult to see. With the push of a button, you can add red and that makes it easier to see the animal. Sitting on the front porch last night, I could see the horses and cattle about 150 yds away quite easily highlighted in red , but couldn't distinguish them. Once spotted though, I could use the night vision scope and could tell which horse it was. I spotted a rabbit and a skunk 50 yds away with the thermal vision, that I probably would have not seen them if I were just scanning with the night vision scope. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, but I believe combining the two such as I have has greatly improved the ease of detection of any critter.
This unit retails for 2k, and they offer one that has 2x capability for another $900.
If you are doing any night hunting for hogs or coyote or raccoon with either a night scope or a green laser attachment, having this hand held thermal unit will make game detection much easier. My wife does search and rescue and she is also going to use it for that, as you can walk around in total darkness and see your surroundings quite well
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