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Introducing the NEW Benelli M4

1 Round Extension Cap!

See it in action for the first time! In this video shot by Sharkey of the extender nut prototype build by Akai:

If you are interested in purchasing a Magazine Extender Cap please understand you will also need to purchase one of Kip Carrier's Super Springs sold by CarrierComp.

An optional accessory is a compensator like the Briley Door Breacher Compensator to increase the length of the barrel past the length of the extension nut.

Manufacturing will begin once 100 magazine caps are pre-ordered.  The pre-order will be closed once 100 units are reserved.  You can reserve your unit by paying a $50 Deposit and $50 balance once manufacturing is complete prior to shipment. Retail cost of the extender cap will be $129.99.

Don't delay pay your deposit here:

Every few days the number of pre-orders will be updated here.  Currently there are 100 remaining.  8/10/2013.

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