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This is an incredible video showing how aggressive a hungry Northern Pike can be. Number three is hard to believe!

Tired of getting baits that don’t work, hook, line and sinker? Every little bait shop or ‘avid’ fisherman has their ‘secret’ weapon that consistently nets big fish. Yet every time you try out these guaranteed solutions you never catch the big one or the number of fish that you expect. Let this article be a guide to review of all the ‘best of’ writing on bass fishing lures. As a definitive guide to the best of the best you will know that these top 10 lures will ensure a great day on the lake. With thousands of baits and lures on the market, making sure you have 10 top performers will make you a pro-angler in no time.

1) Buzzbaits

As a topwater bait the buzzbaits made from plastic or aluminum make a buzzing sound and skim over vegetation without the issue of snagging. They come in two shapes including U-shaped or inline with one to four blades. Most pros will bend the blades to provide different action in the water.

2) Jigbaits

Another consistent go-to bait of pro anglers is the jigbait. There are tons of configurations and most use a trailer with jigbaits. Natural color brown jigs tend to work best in a deep structure but black and blue baits are a great addition as well. These three colors are all you need. The real trick is in knowing where to throw them.

3) Crankbaits

Originally invented in the 1960s the lipless crankbait is still a favourite among pros and amateurs alike. The Rat-L trap with its internal rattle tends to drive bass crazy as many trophy winners have found over the years. Its best used across shallow water grasses.

4) Spinnerbaits

With a couple white or white and yellow 5/8 ounce spinnerbaits you will be ready for almost any bass fishing scenario. Especially effective for locating bass fishing holes and in warm waters this bait is a must have for the tackle box.

5) Swimbaits

Over the last few years these baits have become the largest winners for largemouth bass. Lots to choose from, just make sure to choose one that fits your location especially big bass waters like California or Texas.

6) Jerkbaits

Not even commercially made until the 90s most fishermen use these baits wrongly. Even though they are specific situation lures, in the right spot they are an amazing quality lure. Their best use is in cold water conditions where bass are usually hardly moving. They are also often jerked and pulled too hard. Let the action of the lure do its work. Not familiar with jerkbaits? Check them out here: http://bit.ly/jerkbait

7) Chatterbaits

Falling somewhere between a buzzbait and jigbait, the chatterbait has been making some amazing trophy inroads. This vibrating bait has made a big splash virtually overnight, but all the trophy wins with this bait cannot be wrong. More than that it is very versatile in either shallow or deep water.

8) Creature Baits

Sometimes the regular lures are not working and you have to throw some rubber into the mix. These baits can look like nothing or anything in the water and come in all sorts of colors and sizes and can also be used as trailer baits for other rig setups.

9) Senko Worms

Another very popular rubber companion because bass just seem to love these yummy worms in any rig or set up. Not having luck with other lures, try these baits in combo to ensure a quick catch.

10) Tube baits

One of the most versatile and widely used rubber products the tube bait can catch large or smallmouth in almost any water at any temperature. When all else fails its time to hook up a tube bait and catch a fish.

Now that you have a definitive list of must have baits and lures vetted and proven by pro-anglers all over the world with trophies aplenty the end of season sales going on now are the perfect time to time to stock up on these baits and lures. Your next fishing trip may be the experience of a lifetime.


Many avid campers think they have the essentials for any type of camping. However, if you have never been camping in a remote location or backwoods camping before, you will need to revise your regular camping gear list.

Backwoods camping can be a literal walk in the park with the right equipment. The challenge is to having a wide array of equipment without the excessive weight that you will have to transport, possibly on your back. Remember, everything you carry in you will also have to carry out. Below is a list of equipment and considerations to help you be prepared in the back country:

Pack – seems like a dumb thing to list, like you could forget it. However, more importantly you need to make sure it fits right and can hold all your gear. A strong and lightweight internal frame pack will be the most comfortable.  You will want to allow plenty of time to practice packing and unpacking your gear to make sure it all fits.  If heading off to an unfamiliar place or a very remote area you may want to complete a test run to make sure everything goes as planed.

Sleeping Pad – sleeping,.... or not sleeping in the back country may depend on what you are sleeping on. Sleeping pads are available in several different styles: foam, inflatable, and self-inflating. The thicker the pad the better you will be insulated from the ground and the less the ground contour or composition is going to effect you.

Sleeping Bag – Nothing is more important to your shelter than the sleeping bag you sleep in. Preserving body heat can be of paramount importance in a camping or survival situation.  The most important feature of a sleeping bag to consider is the temperature rating of the sleeping bag and the temperature extremes possible in the area where you will be camping.

Knife – an all purpose large pocket or medium sized belt knife will do the trick. It does not need to be a machete, but it does need to be sharp.

Lighter – forget the matches! That’s right, they get wet and you’re done for. Better to stick with a sealed camping lighter to start those fires.

Proper Clothing - drop the cotton and go with layered moisture wicking clothing. Cotton stays wet, loses heat and can also overheat your body.

Water – buy a CamelBack or other hydration system and never worry about your water woes again. Most slip in your pack with a sipping hose on your shoulder. Forget bottles, why bring them out again.

Garbage bags – what you bring in, is what you bring out. Remember that this type of camping is about leaving no trace you were there in the first place. No one wants to see litter in the backwoods. Garbage bags are invaluable when you need to keep things dry, make a repair patch, or package up something.

Flashlight – get a high quality LED flashlight with multiple lighting settings. No sense getting 1 Million foot-candle power if it only lasts for 1 hour.

Mess Kit – buy one. Period. Trying to pack your kitchen dishes is ridiculous. Professional camping mess kits save huge space. They are available in aluminum, coated steel, stainless steel and bpa free plastic sets.

First Aid Kit – it’s called backwoods camping for a reason. The nearest hospital is probably hundreds of miles. Ensure it’s meant for backwoods camping too, including a whistle without the pea. Make sure you have adequate dressings and bandages -- an injury that results in loss of blood can be much more dangerous in the back woods.

Navigational Aids - Knowing where you are is important. Traveling with maps, a compass, and preferably GPS will provide you with the location information you need and help your navigation.



Author and Photographer; PJE

I wanted to build a defensive weapon, that would be a heavy hitter with a dual configuration. It would have the ability to go from short range target acquisition, to acquiring a long range target with the throw a few levers in a minimal amount of time. In a crisis or emergency, time can be a critical factor.

Before making my decision, I had done a lot of research on my options. I had read several articles on the .233 and found it lacked the knock down and penetrating power I required, though it is a good CQB and medium range round. The 6.5 and 6.8 both looked impressive, but I wanted the availability of ammunition, in a defensive or emergency situation that can make all the difference, don’t you think? So I decided to go with the 7.62x51mm or .308 cal., a proven round for both hunting and defense, as well as short range and distance, a definite heavy hitter.

Picking out the rifle to go with in the vast market of AR manufacturers, and companies who just build them, wasn’t easy, it took some researching to decide on the company.

Introducing the NEW Benelli M4

1 Round Extension Cap!

See it in action for the first time! In this video shot by Sharkey of the extender nut prototype build by Akai:

If you are interested in purchasing a Magazine Extender Cap please understand you will also need to purchase one of Kip Carrier's Super Springs sold by CarrierComp.

An optional accessory is a compensator like the Briley Door Breacher Compensator to increase the length of the barrel past the length of the extension nut.

Manufacturing will begin once 100 magazine caps are pre-ordered.  The pre-order will be closed once 100 units are reserved.  You can reserve your unit by paying a $50 Deposit and $50 balance once manufacturing is complete prior to shipment. Retail cost of the extender cap will be $129.99.

Don't delay pay your deposit here:

Every few days the number of pre-orders will be updated here.  Currently there are 100 remaining.  8/10/2013.

Case Prep for the AR10
This is directed specifically at the AR10.

We use one type of case only. The Lake City LR, and our lot of 1,000 is a 2004 Mfg stamp.

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