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July's gear giveaway featured the most rugged, dependable, and cool looking brass catcher on the market!

Compliments of CatchYourBrass.com we gave away a Tactical Brass Catcher to site member dfler.

The Tactical Brass Catcher is a new product that is rugged and designed for simple one-handed operation with the added benefit of being lightweight.  Check out just how cool this brass catcher is featured on an ArmaLite AR-10 Rifle in the pictures below:

Buy one now!

For anyone just looking for a low-cost brass catcher CatchYourBrass.com also offers a Range Model for $34.97 (which includes shipping).

Don't forget to register to win the premier brass catcher on the market but if you just can't wait you can order one today at http://www.catchyourbrass.com!



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